The Ascension

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The Ascention.jpg
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The Ascension



The Ascension of the surfer comes in many forms. Here is my ascension depicted with various parts of my life. The lion, among other symbols, are each a look into how I approach life and especially the energy from the ocean. As you can see in this piece is in a "heavenly" position. The image of the bird shows freedom. The surfer watches the bird yearning to follow its path to the heights of pleasure.  

The naysayers spew forth mists, and falls of water, that results in the lion, a driving force towards perfection. I chose a vertical layout of this painting to draw the eyes of the viewer in an ascending or descending look. It is a long journey to climb. But as man ascends towards his goal, the prize will be won. Can you see his goal?

Surf Art Painting

Acrylic on Panel 24" x 60" Finished with Med. Gloss Varnish 

Framed with stained pine and iron corner guards

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