Inflation Spot: Rio - SOLD

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Inflation Spot: Rio - SOLD



Inflation spot is a representational piece reflecting how much we inflate certain aspects in our lives. Whether that be a surf spot, religion, beauty, urban cities, slums or certain desires. 

A recent trip to Brazil influenced the much of the theme. Perhaps we make these spots more interesting or disgusting, more horrible than they are or more exciting than they are. We can artificially inflate anything to fit our schema. I have put the image of the surf fin in this to give the religion the aspect of control such as it controls the board on the wave. 

The background is an abstract look at the favellas (slums) in the international vacation city of Rio de Janeiro. The flowers represent a tempting reminder of the beauty located just meters away from the favellas. Corcovado or, the Christ statue, is a looming reminder to those less fortunate that someone may be watching over you. Many of the poor in this city have surfing as their only way out of their inflated predicament.

Surf Art Painting

Acrylic on Panel 21.5" x 42"

Finished in Med. Gloss Varnish

Framed with stained pine and iron corner guards

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