Facts & Figures

In the next 24 hours...


2,740 Acres of land will be cleared or built upon

79,000 gallons of oil will end up in our waterways

37 beaches will be closed or posted as "hazardous"

2.8 billion gallons of industrial waste will be deposited in our oceans

329 million gallons of sewage will be pumped off our nations coast


80 Children die every 20 minutes due to lack of clean water or water shortages.(5,760 in 24 hours)


One flush of the toilet wastes more water than a person has to eat, cook, clean and drink for a day in 30 of the worlds poorest countries.


Citizens in Nairobi pay as much for water as most of us do for wine.


There are countries where less than 24% of the people have access to clean drinking water.


9,300 people die each day from diseases spread by water that is contaminated or filthy with waste.


If the U.S. wanted to clean the groundwater that is polluted, it would cost $1.5 billion dollars a year and take 20 years. That is if they started today.

 we put 83 million more people on the planet each year.


In Bajo Piura in Peru, women walk over 8 hours a day to get their #water

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For Surf Riders of all kinds, this should be a message to you...water pollution is our first enemy. Make a call to arms!

"One of the most forward thinking books in a long time"...

When was the last time to your recollection that you had bottled water in one hand and a glass of tap water in the other and chose the tap water? Chances are that has not happened in your life. 

Even in modern cities such as Los Angeles, Sydney, New York, London or Tokyo, most citizens will dare not drink the tap water? Why? Any number of reasons will suffice. But the fact is that even in these cities where "water quality" should be at its best, it´s not. Now just imagine living in places where water really is bad, not just considered bad tasting. How often do you boil your drinking water? Never? Exactly. Enjoy your journey through disturbing facts, colorful art and a mythical story that, if we aren´t careful, just may become more fact than fiction. 

Plot: The Betrayal of Man is a short myth/folk tale. The story portrays life, water and energy as characters struggling over time to live with one another. As the balance of the three becomes weighted on the side of life, more specifically man, resources are lost and life soon leaves the planet behind with out a clean, pure water supply. The story has many underlying themes. Test yourself and see if you are conscious enough to figure it out. Surfers appear as the "messengers" of the ocean attempting to warn man of the coming doom. The surf culture should have the most important activists in water quality. We are one of the few lifestyles that require clean water for our enjoyment. With exposure to these facts and myth one day maybe we will be. 

Thematic Unit for School Curriculum

I am an educator who sees a large void that can be filled in the literature of today. The book's story can be enjoyed by all ages as would a folk tale or myth passed through generations. From an educational standpoint, I have created a thematic unit with lesson plans that support the book. The unit includes math, literature review, poetry, writing, science, social studies and more! The lessons have components for English Learners, High Achievers/GATE students, technology extensions and other special instructional tools. Hard copies and digital licenses are available depending on your needs. This makes an attractive purchasing item for school districts and contract educational companies or for the parent who wants their child to get more out of a great book.