Thematic Unit for the Betrayal of Man

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Thematic Unit for the Betrayal of Man


The lessons cover:

Ø    Math word problems

Ø    Math graphing lesson

Ø    Writing narratives

Ø    Writing poetry

Ø    Creating graphics flyers

...and more for a total of 7 lessons!

Each of these lessons include:

Ø    What materials you will need

Ø    The educational objective

Ø    What prior knowledge is helpful for the students to know prior to the lesson

Ø    The procedure for the lesson, written in helpful easy to follow steps

Ø    An assessment at the end

Ø    An extension for challenge level

Ø    English Language Support or alternatives

Ø    Follow up activities for research presenting or journaling

This kit includes:

Ø    A PDF copy of the book The Betrayal of Man

Ø    Full set of lesson plans

Ø    Work sheets for activities

Ø    Examples of projects

Ø    2 Art coloring pages from paintings in the book 

It is important to remember that while these lessons can be done in any order, or by themselves in isolation, you may want to plan them around your curriculum. 

I am looking for international distribution and printing contracts. Please contact the author directly from the contact author page.

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Will be updated with Common Core Standards in late 2014. You will get a new copy for free at that point.